New Badguy to Test My Players With – The Jabberwock

In my home game in the World Alidor, I always had a special rule that dragon blooded folks, and dragons do not fare well living, or walking on the gigantic tortoise cities that wander various realms in the world. The tortoises are safe places where men, elves and dwarves live free from the dragons of the world. In the rule books I use, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, I have a plethora of other challenging monsters to choose from orcs, to vampires, to liches and fiends, to name a few, all ready to spring from the shadows of these great wandering cities and attack.

Games that take place on the wandering tortoise cities have always been fun and challenging, but after buying the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2 a couple weeks back, and mulling over it for a bit, I decided that the people of the tortoise cities need something to really keep them wary of the darkness, and of rolling thunder storms that frequent the world, they need to fear the jabberwock. As I see it, the jabberwock is just as timeless as the tortoises themselves in Alidor, and they are not dragons; they are Tane. The jabberwocks, the sard and the thrasfyr are all from Alidor’s past in the time before the elves from the days when Pagdush Firethrower was just a clerk in an architectural firm, hired to build the city of Alidor; to raise it’s inhabitants high above the throng and savage beasts of the world. Back then, there were many jabberwocks, and other Tane, that were part of the machinery of a great war that Pagdush’s people were loosing until the city was complete, and the cleansing came and all life was eliminated from the world except for a few unlucky souls, the great tortoises and Surma.

Since then, jabberwocks were lost from the world, only bits a pieces of their existence are eluded too, mainly in ancient texts that were found in the ruined cities of the people of pre-alidor. These days information about the jabberwock is limited, and shared only among sages and scholars; the people whom now hold in their libraries, the bestiaries of old. No common man, or elf has ever lived to describe such beasts in recent days. The tortoises, being immortal, know of these creatures, but have no way to emote this to those they are telepathically linked with. As for the weapons the jabberwocks fear most, the vorpal blade, there exist maybe three individuals left in the world that know how to make them, the Melbrindar, the Empress Zoe of the elfin folk and Pagdush Firethrower; to find a vorpal blade is even rarer, as the magic to most vorpal weapons of old have faded over the millennia since they were last used in the great war; sometimes though, a wandering priest can awaken the magic of a vorpal blade.

In my home game, I am designing a dungeon with a Jabberwock as the primary antagonist and decided that Cork would be a great place for one to exist since that tortoise has seen much trouble as of late. Once the party is of high enough level I shall bring forward the Jabberwock! maybe at 2nd level. (evil laugh)

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  1. Very nice. I look forward to reading about how your players respond to the threat of a jabberwork.

  2. Thanks Sean.