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Gunslingers, Samurai and Ninjas

Just got a note from Paizo that they updated their iconics in the community use area of their website. Too cool! I am not too keen on any of the three classes for players, but if you want to play … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: HARRIDAN

Harridan is a scolding old woman or nag. With school starting we hope our children's teachers, or our own teachers will be very nice and inspiring and not a harridan. Harridan brings to mind "the … [Read more...]

Explored Mammoth cave this week my players will start next week

While driving through Kentucky on vacation this past week, I finally stopped at the Mammoth Cave National Park, and took in a tour. The place is pretty cool, and way huge; 360 miles plus of cave … [Read more...]

Only if it rains

During the holidays my son found my Diablo 2 game, and asked if he could play it, I told him, number one, had to learn his 1000 words, and then, only if it rains. Well, he completed the 1000 words he … [Read more...]