Only if it rains

During the holidays my son found my Diablo 2 game, and asked if he could play it, I told him, number one, had to learn his 1000 words, and then, only if it rains. Well, he completed the 1000 words he needed to pass first grade, and even pushed his reading level past the base for second grade by the time summer break came around, and he did not forget that I said he could play it. I got badgered, like any 7 year old, he asked if he could play, like every ten seconds, once he reached the goals we set for him but we were having a drought. I should also point out, we have a LAN with all the computers in one room, the one that my son games on has a separate account for just playing the game, and we have the passwords to access it, Macs are awesome for this BTW.

The flaw in the plan is that it rains every day in the summer in Central Florida, sometimes twice, so when I come home from work, he wants to play. The rules are he has to play with both my wife, and I, so we can field any questions, and turn it into a social event as well as a gaming event. With all the rain lately, I am spending more time playing Diablo 2 than blogging. I can say, as a family we are having fun.

It rained Saturday, and this time the game was all about getting Diablo, the big bad. Our son was kinda worried, being 7, and all, but we had a plan. We would set a trap with spells ready, and my son would run out and lure Diablo back to us. Okay, my mom’s friend did something like this with me when I was a teen, they made me run through the marsh so as to scare up the pheasants, so my mom’s boss could shoot em. Luckily for me, my mom’s boss was not Dick Cheney, so I faired well with this hunting tactic, even with live ammo. Diablo 2 is computer game, and our son has a good understanding that it is just a game so we went ahead with our plan.

The funny thing about plans and battles, in the end, the group that best controls the chaos after the battle is started, will most likely win; and that is what we did. I mean, we were chaotic, and somehow we still won. What happened was, our son ran out, just like we said, maybe just a little too soon, but he found Diablo anyway, and ran right back to my wife, who was still getting ready, saying “I found him! I found him! He is chasing me!” My wife is saying, “what?” “Wait I am not ready, I need to put the town portal up.” I call out “ok I will put one up.” Sure enough the moment my portal is active, our son, changes course, and takes a V-line straight through. Poof. He was gone, and safe. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, I hear “What! Oh No! Ahhh! I died.” from my wife. Then she says, “I will be right down.” I say, “no wait don’t come back.!” It was too late, my son is laughing, our friend’s dog, that we have on loan for a week, is howling, and Gail is back to saying “Oh no! Oh No! I died!” She got bone caged, and died again. She and I did do just enough damage that I was able to toss one finale volcano spell on Diablo to defeat the fiend. Of course, I told them not to come back down until I had sifted through all the treasure. We had a blast, and now we are on to the Lord of Destruction part of the game, so sorry I have not posted the maps I had planned yet, but I will soon I just forgot that it rains every day in Florida in the summer, at least we are all having fun as a family. Honestly I would like to get back to playing Pathfinder maybe using the “only if it rains” rule, now that I know how cool it is down here.

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