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Word of the Week: KOWTOW

Kowtow is the touching of ones head to the ground in an act of worship, reverence, or apology. Kou in Chinese means "knock" or "touch upon" and tou means "head"; Knock your head. The term also refers … [Read more...]

Really Cool Lizard Valentine’s Day Box!

My second grade son has to make a Valentine’s Day card box for school to collect his cards and treats. My son is obsessed with lizards, so it wasn’t a surprise when he said he was going to make a … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: JACKANAPES

Jackanapes was the nickname of the first Duke of Suffolk, William de la Pole (1396-1450). The name probably has a different origin, but was given to him because his badge displayed an ape's restraint … [Read more...]