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Word of the Week: DOOHICKEY

My mom used 'Doohickey' to describe anything she couldn't remember the name of, and trust me that was a lot. In fact when she wanted to call one of us kids she would go through every name (7) … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: PANACEA

Panacea is a remedy or cure-all for all diseases. This week I have a word that is actually easy to relate to game play. A good adventurer will not venture too far without either a cleric who can … [Read more...]

Spring Gaming in Cocoa Beach Florida – April 26th

A friend sent me note that there is a convention taking place in Cocoa Beach, Florida, April 26th through the 29th. There will be Pathfinder there and even 4e games.  A bunch of other miniatures games … [Read more...]