Another Great Resource for Us Time Crunched GMs

I have been super busy these past few months, with a new job and all, so time for setting up games has been real tight. In fact, I have not been able to post to this site much, but that has not stopped me from gaming. Actually, I am ready to start my Turkey day Rise of the Rune Lords game fest at the house. I almost always run my own games from the ground up in Alidor and it took very little time to make some changes to where the RotRL module starts in my home world, and where the adventures occur, so everything fits well in my game. I change a town here, a mountain range there, and I have a game adapted from store module to home game module. Done. I should point out the module, adventure path actually, from Paizo is amazingly well written and thought out, so I just placed bad guys and draw maps as the game progresses from 1st level to like 16th level. Piece of cake. Until the party changes direction, and wanders off the adventure path, which happens often with my group, because my games are non linear at their core.

When players wander off the path, as a GM, I have to hustle to make stuff up, whilst not getting too over the top. Until today, my “go to” reference was Paizo’s Game Mastery Guide. The book has always been extremely helpful, especially chapter 9 the NPC Gallery. Today though, I found in my email inbox, an email from Paizo, for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: NPC Codex. Oh yeah, I could use this. I added it my my X-mas list. If it is anything like other products Paizo sells it will be a top notch aide for us time crunched GMs.

Right, in my home game of Alidor the players have met the village idiot often. One was actually an idiot, another was a wereboar; another, a vampire. It just helps to flip to a page and get a NPC to use to mess with players. I try to make the games fun and challenging. The vampire was a challenge, because no one expected that the village idiot was the vampire, because vampires are “intelligent” undead. Granted, the deaths in the town caused by vampire village idiot, were quite obviously the work of a vampire no one expected the idiot was the villain. Some thought at first it was a mad dog,others focused on the new guy in town who was a “Tomb Raider” NPC, from Chapter 9 under Adventurers, named Bill. The surprise on the players faces when the cleric finally cast detect undead and the idiot was found out. It made for some fun table talk about the village idiot afterwards. Oh and Bill joined the party for a while after he was cleared of not being a vampire.

My other favorite go to NPC is Steve the fence. I usually don’t need stats, but every once and a while, negotiations go bad and a fight breaks out. A quick flip to the merchants section of Chapter 9, gets me what I need in a pinch. The problem is the players tend to start tracking NPC stats and start getting cocky, or start meta gaming, so having another reference book full of NPCs can be very helpful, that is why I am asking for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: NPC Codex this Holiday season. He, he, he, actually, I might just buy it right now, and wrap it up to put under the tree Christmas day, that way I can use it now.

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