Turkey Day Dungeon from One of My Old Players

One of my old players, who is going by the monicker The Pipette Samurai for this post, sent me a dungeon for me to post on my website here. It is a 1st level game for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. It’s a basic RPG module perfect for any setting, or as a one-shot adventure. Best part about one-shots, are they are good to play as as written are are very simple and easy to set up, especially when you have players that tend to not care about the environment around the adventure. Of course I like to add stuff to all the dungeons I run, so when the party does start asking questions, and the answers are not in the module; like in this dungeon, “a king is offering 2000 gp for the elimination of a werewolf reported near the frontier Village of Onok.” As a GM, I ask what king? Then I start looking for a place to rung the game; for this dungeon, I decided to use Kirkland in my home world of Alidor, and place the Village of Onok, near the capital city of Jarlkirk, because I have a King, and I have to sometimes be motivated to fill out more of my game world and using this one shot is a perfect motivator.

So now I have a capital city name, Jarlkirk, and a village name, provided in the dungeon as the Village of Onok, so when the party asks about the King, I can say his name is King Harold Siggarson also known as “Old Smoke Head”. As for the Mayer of Onok he can be called “the Mayor”. Travel between Onok takes a day, walking, half a day, riding or by cart. Just in case folks get out of hand in Kirkland, and the “LAW” is needed, I have these laws already built.

The dungeon pdf can be found here Werewolf Hunters Pathfinder Module

I want to thank The Pipette Samurai for sending me this dungeon which I will use today to traumatized my nephews just after turkey dinner. I also want to thank Paizo for making an inspiring rules set for us gamers. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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