Blessed Crossbow of Yol Magic Item

This may be my last post of the year, and it is inspired by Paizo and their RPG Superstar contest. Work has kept me almost too busy, so I missed the entry date for their first round, which was to make a magic item. When I read about the rpg design contest, almost right off, the first magic item I thought of, came from an adventure I ran last year where one of the players was a cleric, who was too far off to cast a cure spell on a player that was about to die, he said he wished he could just throw his wand at the PC. It was right then that the Yol priest in me, saw an opportunity.

In my home game of Alidor there exists a god named Yol whom attracts particularly lazy self absorbed, greedy priests. These guys are everywhere in the game causing trouble for players, or interacting in one way or another to get as much money from the players coffers as possible. They can make fun player character clerics if the party is more role play oriented. Most of the time they are NPCs, and one, in particular, is very clever and very lazy and made his way up the ranks of the priesthood mainly due to his exceptional ability to generate money for the church. The Priest is named Miko Anth and if you had to put quick stats to him I would use the Trickster Priest from the Pathfinder NPC Codex page 53. That NPC would have a heavy crossbow version of the Blessed Crossbow of Yol which would allow cure serious wounds bolts to be fired.

Miko sold the idea to the church with this thinking. Adventurers are always getting hurt and tend to collect large some of money on their quests why not build some cross bows with coin slots in them that would fill our coffers with their gold while in return we give them just enough healing to get buy. I should point out, outside of this writing, no one truly knows why the Church of Yol finally did move forward with the commissioning of several of these “blessed crossbows”. Initially only light crossbows were created, since it was the least expensive to create, but the popularity of the product later later lead to heavy crossbows, then hand crossbows, double crossbows and even one balista, for a client who wished to remain anonymous. I should also point out a labor disagreement lead to the untimely discontinuation of the production of such crossbows, so few exist in the world. The location where these weapons were modified and whom might the maker be is a closely guarded secret of the church, so much so, not even Miko Anth, the priest that inspired their creation, knows.

The basics are the same, to use a Blessed Crossbow of Yol to shoot a cure bolt, there must be an exchange of money, where coins are dropped into a slot usually on the top of the crossbow; after the minimum of coinage is collected, a bolt will appear ready for firing, or a symbol of Yol will appear on the side plate, which can be activated but touch just before firing.

This an early draft stolen from the Church of Yol by Habur Tulth “thief expertus” of Duftown. It was said to be a design for a dwarf gunslinger who wanted a single barreled pistol that was also a hand crossbow.

Crossbow pistol Yol
Usually inscribed somewhere on the crossbow are the follow directions:

This blessed crossbow of Yol will fire mundane bolts from a standard quiver, on occasion, and after proper supplication and appropriate tithe, a skilled marksman, of no ordinary skill, may receive the most graceful blessed touch of Yol in one of two forms.

A. Place 8 gold coins into pummel slot to get one cure light healing bolt.


B. Place 8 platinum coins for 8 cure light healing bolts.

These most gracious donations to the Church of Yol will reserve healing bolts for one day. The Church of Yol has a strict no returns policy. Remember, nearly all of the donations to the church will go to help heal those who can most afford our most diligent, far reaching, services.

The most basic crossbow will only fire cure light bolts.
A light crossbow will fire cure light bolt (1d8+1) store 8
A heavy crossbow will fire up to a cure serious bolt (3d8+1) store 5
A hand crossbow will fire only cure light bolts (1d8+1) store 4
A balista will fire a cure critical wounds, mass (4d8+1 area effect around target)
The effect goes out to double the range increment of the weapon.
It is a ranged touch attack to fire a healing bolt.
The bolt does 1 point of damage to the target before the healing is applied.
The ballista healing mass effect is indiscriminate and the target takes 4 hit points before the healing is applied.
If you are thinking the healing is weak, you have to remember this is Yol magic, and the church does not make much money from healthy people. The church makes most of it funds from wanting people.

So here’s the catch, the healing only lasts 10 minutes, staring from the time of the last shot, before it dissipates, so injured parties should get actual healing shortly after being healed by a Yol crossbow, especially if they are close to near death, or dead, without the hit points “healed” from the crossbow bolts. You can always add more coins to get another healing bolt from the crossbow, but those will also disappear after 1d8 rounds.

What makes this really interesting, is that the Blessed Crossbow of Yol can be used on undead to damage them just as a cure spell damages undead but after 1d8 minutes the undead “slain” by a Blessed Crossbow of Yol will rise again.
I will play test this item with my group, and write up a concise description of the magic item. If you are inspired to make your own or get involved with the Paizo RPG superstar contest go here to get all the information you need. I am not involved with Paizo, or the RPG superstar contest, I am just a fan.

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