Archives for February 2013

Running We Be Goblins at Megacon 2013

I volunteered to run the quick and fun We be Goblins Pathfinder module at Megacon 2013 this year. People who play the Pathfinder Role Playing Game know this mod as a fun one to play, because the … [Read more...]

I Knew Keeping My Old Game Books Would Come in Handy

Ok, this morning at breakfast, my son, wife and I were having a discussion about gods. It came about from a segway that started with the Avengers movie we had watched last night with relatives, … [Read more...]

Got Goblinworks Bling for Helping Kickstart Pathfinder Online

I received my bling for helping Kickstart Pathfinder Online Technology Demo. I now have a cool black T-shirt, a founder coin and a signed copy of ThornKeep. I got a cool iPad holder with a note pad. I … [Read more...]