I Knew Keeping My Old Game Books Would Come in Handy

Ok, this morning at breakfast, my son, wife and I were having a discussion about gods. It came about from a segway that started with the Avengers movie we had watched last night with relatives, somehow, they had not seen any of the earlier Avenger prequels; blame it on Thor and Loki to totally confused our guests. Anyway, we had been talking about the gods at breakfast and my son said there was a mod to make gods in Minecraft, and he was talking about a wolf, or coyote faced god, we wanted to know it’s name but could not figure it out from his attempts to describe it to us and our poor replies; my wife and I were guessing Set or Horus and then we drifted into Zeus and Prometheus and Odin, we are bad at guessing gods and get distracted easily; our conversation came back to the dog faced god, and I was about to google dog faced god, (I did, it was a band) when I realized I had the classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons book Deities & Demigods somewhere in my game collection. I pulled out the book and solved our god problem.
We found Anubis, guardian of the dead, and that satisfied my son’s curiosity, looking at the picture, he said yup, that is the one I am talking about. He also looked at the rest of the book, and I fear I may have lost it to him.
As I was looking through the book with him I came across Surma, demigod of death, and thought wow; I have Surma the god of dragons in my home game that I named after a river in Bangladesh; now I see that Surma was in one of my old books as a Finnish fiend. Actually a demi god but a quick google of the god Surma came up that it was basically a fiend

described as being a large dog with a snake-tail and can turn you into stone

I like my version of Surma but I am biased.

It was cool to see another version out there. I noted that after I shot the picture of the page for Surma, that the image on the back of the page shown through. I checked, and it was Loviatar, one of the coolest gods of all, and one that has made it into many versions of Dungoens and Dragons and is also a great “go to” god for lawless towns in my game world. Loviatar is the goddess of hurt or Maiden of Pain; later in my game carrier I played Planescape, and I always associated Loviator with the Lady of Pain from that RPG system. I still have a bunch of those books too.

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  1. Philo Pharynx says:

    Just wondering if you’ve got the version with the Cthulhu, Lankhamar, and Melibonean mythos in them. I’ve still got mine around and I’m not going to Ebay it.

  2. My Deities book just has the Nehwon Mythos -Lankhamar. Now you have me interested. My other one is from 3.0 and does not have those either. Cthulhu would be cool.

  3. http://yahoo.com says:

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    I actuallyabsolutely enjoyed the post! Thanks for the post ,Benjamin