We Be Goblins Too Out for Free RPG Day on June 15

Hey I am a bit biased here, because I just completed running a bunch of We Be Goblins sessions this spring at Megacon 2013, and now, next weekend, on Free RPG Day, you can go to your local game store, and play the next module using goblins as lead characters. I am very interested is seeing what the lick toad goblins are up to now.

If you enjoy table top role playing games, go stop by your local game store on June 15 and try a round of Pathfinder or whatever else is offered. The module will have pre-generated characters and should only take a couple hours to play. We Be Goblins Too will also give you a chance to join the Pathfinder society which will link you to other gamers in your area.
If you are the GM and you want to run this module after July 1st as a home game, try this fun table to keep the game going if a player goblin dies. I did this when running We Be Goblins and the players had a blast. Remember its an intro module not the Tomb of Horrors.
The Easy Button for Tomb of Horrors
Do a search on Paizo website there are plenty of pregens in the forums.
Now You Be Goblins
Here is my random goblin table:

Roll 2d6
2 or 7 Goblin in a woodpile
3 or 8 Goblin in a garbage pile
4 or 9 Goblin in a rain barrel
5 or 10 Goblin under a log
6 or 11 Goblin in a chicken coup
12 goblin in an old oven.
Roll a d4 to determine goblin type
1. Cleric
2. Fighter
3. Alchemist
4. Rogue

We Be Goblins Too will be officially released on July 1st for those who can’t make Free RPG Day. Chances are good I will be running it again at Megacon 2014.

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