Lair of the Young Dragon

This is the map I used to alpha test the game we are developing called Worst. Some of you may notice the room pattern is from the old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide page 95. I picked it for my first dungeon because it was one of the first dungeons I ever ran for my friends when I was in high school.


I found it was easy for me to make the basic rules for characters for Worst and make a quick dungeon map but it was hard making monsters to challenge the characters and twice as hard to make good rulings on damage done by monsters like the spider in room one has poison, so I had to figure on what poison effect, and then how long in game terms. The challenge level of the monster is also hard I had three character so I figured the monster had to have enough hit points to last long enough for three attacks or one round, but then again it is a spider with poison, so maybe less hit points so it scares the party more, since most folks know, or think spiders are poisonous, and getting it dead quick would be a top priority.

The real hard encounter will be the dragon in room 5… I have more alpha testing to do.

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