Goblin Lazy or Not More Monsters for Worst

I did a lot of traveling last month, for some of it, I had my family with me, in the car for several hours… I had to come up with a way to keep my son busy so he would stop asking “Are we there yet?”. Every ten minutes. Since I am trying to publish my own table top RPG game which takes more effort than you would think, actually everything takes more effort than you think, and I suppose that is why most people only think about doing stuff like creating a new game. I have a huge list of things to do like organize the rules in to a book format, make a list of equipment and gear, flesh out character races, make dungeons and fill them with monsters.

My son went to a Apple Store iBook camp this summer and we ended up buying a 53 pen for our iPad, and the app called 53. My son did draw a couple dragons for me using the app and pen, that I ended up using in a Worst dungeon, so that got me thinking, I’ll let him use his iPad, if he uses it to draw some monsters for my game. He had been grounded from the iPad while in the car, which is why I had the “Are we there yet?” troubles. I asked him to draw some more monsters that I can use in my game. The final agreement to draw instead of game with the iPad, was met with some resistance, and maybe, some resentment that may have flowed into the art, and in to the monsters toughness.

Without further ado, some monsters for the Worst RPG, in their raw beta form as drawn by my son Owen.

The Flash Terra is lightning fast and can summon lighting

The King Killer is always surrounded by smoke and can fly. I had to ask is it a swarm of flies? No it can fly dad. It’s as fast as a gun shot, now I may have to create gun rules… drat.

A Sun Crab they set themselves on fire when enraged. A player thought they could toss them like grenades at foes.

The dreaded Leaf Frog it has leaf breath.

Spiked Lizards we live in florida so I do see a lot of lizard themed artwork. These guys will whap you.

A Gold King Killer they look like gold bird statues usually a set of 5 and are given to kings as gifts. If the king pets or touches the bird they come alive and cause a lot of trouble mostly by killing the king.

Dark Souls; they come out of lamps like genies, except they come out whenever they want.

Goblin they can use any weapon and can be lazy or not.

The dreaded Crabapuss half crab half octopus can live in water but can walk on land too.

The Serpent it lives in the water and does not come out.

Blind Dragon has no eyes and can breath fire and claws. I am trying to figure out the breathing claws part.

The Fierce and Powerful beast, I think my son was running out of steam here. I can work with a fierce and powerful beast; it could make a great story.

This a Black Dragon and it’s little Green Dragon side kick.

So there you have it, the beginning of a monstrous compendium for the Worst RPG game. I hope you enjoyed. After my son completed these, I let him use the iPad to play his games and the rest of the trip flew by.

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  1. They are awesome. The very last dragon was an art project. He is called Hammer Head. He has clear glass scales on his tail that can cut through metal, and his blue fire can melt diamonds. He likes to thump bad guys with his head and if he knocks them out, he says “Nailed it!”.