Making a Game is Tough Work

I have been GMing roleplaying games since 1980, and I am quite good at creating dungeons and filling monsters and judging rules from the gaming systems so I though making my own game would be easy, and it is. OK, I lie it is hard, complex and time consuming. I now know how much work goes into creating a pen and paper roleplaying game, now that I am deep into writing mode for my Worst RPG game. It was easy to create player characters and some battle mechanics for Worst, but creating rules for these entities to follow, and monsters to battle, and then the spells, you can’t forget the spells, or weaves. Syncing the synergy between all these items into a cohesive rules set is tough work, man, does it get complex real fast. That is why I have not been blogging much lately. I have folks in TX, WI and FL waiting for me to get rules done, now I know how George R. R. Martin must feel when folks place demands on his creative efforts to complete his last book, except I am just a hobbyist and definitely not a professional writer.


Right now I am working on just the rules set, my idea is that Worst is a quick play RPG with one rule book for everything that I will update as the game grows. After I get the rules written I will make them pretty with simple drawings and organized into a book. the format will be similar to the original D&D basic rules.

The tough part is each time I get one part done, I need to add or change another area to add that feature. I decided to use excel and worksheet tabs to organize my notes before bring them into MS Word or Pages. Once I decided to do that the pace of game development picked up.

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