A Little about Wizards

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Wizards are born of the great weave. They tend to have larger, solid colored eyes. They look like any of the other races, dwarf-ish, Elf-ish or human-ish, so are considered humanoid. They tend to wear large hats, hoods, masks or scarves to hide their eyes from the general population. Wizards start the game with access to the white weave, and gain access to the next weave at 100 WEP Points, and learn a new color for every 100 points in power after that to a maximum of 5 colors. Wizards are shunned by most and tend to live just outside a community and offer their weave knowledge to those in need. Many work as simple healers.

Body 6

Mind 8

Spirit 8

Race Base 22

Vision: Normal Vision

Weave Spells: White Weave to start, then another after 100 WEP points. Max of 5 colors can be learned.

Starting Funds: 200 cp

Starting Weapons: Staff or Sword

Speed: 30ft

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