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For the past few years, I have been writing up role playing rules for my home game; I want to make it into a table top role playing game that I can share with the world, or my six friends and close family. I am getting close to going to the printer to make hard copies. My game group thinks I should choose a different name for the game. I came up with Worst, as in “Do your Worst” from the many times my players said those words to me in the past, as I dealt out damage from some great fiend, dragon or giant in one adventure or another, at my game table. I thought Worst was a cool name. A couple weeks ago, I asked what the players thought of the name. My players looked away avoiding eye contact, some mumbled the name sucks. I looked to my wife, thinking she would support the game name and I got that look that she’d support me, but honestly, the game name sucks. Yup, 23 years of marriage, and I can get all of that from a a single look and not words. Anyhow. I asked them what name should we call it? Silence.

After a flurry of activity, I got Dungeon Slayer. Dungeon Raider. Slay the Dungeon or STD. Once we got the acronym STD that name dropped. Jon’s World came up to, and World of Alidor the Role Playing Game. Meh. I’m stuck, and don’t have a good name for the game. We all agreed Worst is the beta name and we have to come up with something catchy and fun.


The goal of the game is fast play; as fast as you can, with some dungeon prep and character creation and then run a 4-6 hour game using one rule book. Team work is build in to the character of the game and rule set. I remember in Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder, I would build the perfect character that could survive on its one with or without the party. I wanted to make a game where the “lone wolf” player character build would become a thing of the past. I wanted players to show up, and then team up, to beat the challenges of the dungeon that brought them to the table. I also wanted it to be playable with a couple players for those days when only a few people can meet and play; there would never be a need to say the words but the wizard could not make it or the thief isn’t here, or worse, the cleric isn’t here.

I want the game to be the kind you play at a free table at a convention table between slots or on Tuesday nights among friends. I am building it to be open enough that you could play older fantasy role playing games with a couple quick modifications to the monsters to make them compatible with my game rules and then you could play your old games again with a fun new twist.

Still looking for a good name till then it is just Worst

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Shent_lodge, AKA Jon, started this website, in 2000, initially as a player's guide to his home game. He has run through, and run for, hundreds of players of the Dungeons and Dragons game since 1980. These days he plays, or runs games using the WORST RPG rules set.


  1. W.O.R.S.T.



  2. @ J, Thanks! Do you work for S.H.I.E.L.D.? A couple of my players said that was cool.