Starting Combat Rules for Worst – Combat Basics

I have been adding more rules to the game I am developing. I am finally at the combat section which is core to the game system. I want Worst to be the game you play after you get TPK’d while playing some other game system, say at a convention, and you just sit down quick roll up a Worst character and even quickly modify the monsters you just fought in that other system’s modules into a fun foe, and try again. So here is a peak:

Combat Basics

Three actions (3) that is all you get in Worst. In combat, when it is your turn to do something you can do 3 things, like move 20ft, then swing a sword, then move 20ft. 3 actions. Weave spells take two actions to perform, or one action if it comes from a scroll, wand or staff or magic item. There are special actions you can do only in combat, called combat actions, and they take one action to complete leaving time for two for two more actions like attacks and defense or to cast a two action weave spell. You can hold your actions and use them to defend yourself if a monsters swings and hits you; you could use a held action immediately to counter, or block that swing with an opposed attack roll; if your roll is higher than the attacker, then it missed with its attack. If your character has combat energy left, then you could technically take one combat action to move away from a blow that should have hit you.

I don’t want combat to look like this: I want it to be fun, focused on story, and teamwork, and heroism. Monsters get slain in the end, and hopefully the only a couple party members end up as beer mugs, or battle axes (see magic jars later on in this blog).

Combat Basics in Worst

Before getting into the combat sequence, here is what you can do:


Action Cost

Cast Weave Spell


Combat Action






Attack with Bow


Attack with Crossbow


So you can go into combat by standing still, and shooting a bow tree times into a mob of orcs 60ft away, or you could move 30ft, then move 30ft, for a total of 60ft, and then attack the orcs with an axe. With a cross bow you could stand still load, and shoot at the orcs, and then reload and wait until next round, when you could shoot right away, reload, and shoot again. Weave spells work like a cross bow, if your character stands still, you can cast a spell, then start casting another. On round two, you could complete the casting, taking one action, and then cast another spell taking the remaining two actions. The risk is that you will loose a weave spell if you are hit for any damage, before you complete your weave. Weave casters never go into combat with a ranged spell ready like a crossbowman can, though a force weapon spell lasts the duration of combat, taking two actions to create, and then behave like a normal melee weapon in the rounds after it is cast.

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