Worst Combat and Monster Basics

Ok, so here is more on combat and a little on monsters. Here is basic breakdown of monster types that players may encounter. You can convert any monster from mythology or horror or fantasy into any of these categories: slow, medium,  fast, boss, dragon/fiend or god.

Monster Action Table





One action, move or attack



Two actions move and attack



Three actions melee or missile



Possible weave spells


3 to 6

Toughest monsters may have breath weapons and weave spells



Just because.

So monsters and NPCs that may attack a player character fall into any of the following categories:  Slow, Medium, Fast, Boss, Dragon/Fiend or God.  For NPCs that players may interact with here are some examples: A lowly farmer with no military training is slow. A gate guard, pikeman or caravan guard are considered medium. An archer is fast, as is a knight or mercenary fighter. Bosses are like nobles or kings or merchants or sea captains; any people that are in charge of other people, these guys may have a special combat maneuver unique to them and may even cast a weave spell or two. The most important part of combat with any monster, or NPC, is that the monster have stats and combat maneuvers written down before the game starts, and that they can not be changed in play. I will have a list of basic monsters for the game coming soon. The leaf frog was my son’s monster idea for a game.


Here is the list of Combat Maneuvers that players and some monsters may use:

Combat Action Table

It takes energy to do these actions and that energy comes from your characters weave energy (WEP) you can attack and move normally from the beginning of combat all the way to the end of battle and not use any WEP energy for weave spells or combat actions or plow through the battle using all of you power it is totally up the player on how they want to engage the enemy.

Combat Action Name WEP Cost Range plus addition WEP Cost
Jump 2 self Jump forward 20ft as one action.
Tumble Through 2 self 5 Tumble half your move through any one enemy. Add 5 addition weave points during the action for each enemy capable of melee attacking you until the end of the movement action.
Flank 5 self If you have enough movement you can flank as on action if no enemies can melee you on the way to your flank. If you and a friend are on opposite sides of an opponent, you have a flank and you and your friend can attack with a +2 bonus for flanking.
Shoot Through 10 self If you have an action left you can direct the weave energy to push your missile weapon through to the next target you must reroll damage for each new target. It cost 15 for next after a shooting through on creature to the next one if you have an action left
Swing Through 15 self If you have an action left you can direct the weave energy to swing your weapon through to the next adjacent target; you must reroll damage for each new target. It cost 25 for next after a swinging through one creature to the next one if you have another action left
Slide Through 15 self You can slide under a large creature to attack or take another action underneath the large creature. The slide action allows you to move half your move distance. If you move ends with your character under an enemy you are ejected to a square next to the creature you slide under standing up and facing it.
Cripple 20 self Hit a creature so hard it can not move for 2 rounds. A crippled creature can still attack creatures around it at a -2 attack penalty.
Max Damage 15 self No need to roll damage dice just add up max bonus on weapon used and add attack modifier. If weapon has secondary effect that would require another 15 points of energy. Keep adding more energy for each extra damage dice effect that you wish to maximize. Always the weapon is maximized first then the secondary effect.
Multiply Damage 20 self Double damage with 20 points, triple damage for 80 points. Add up all damage done plus modifying rolls then multiply to find result. Does not work in combination with Max Damage.
Vorpal 50 self Lop the head off the enemies you hit for instant kills. The enemy must have an obvious head to lop off. You must have a sword, axe or club in hand. You cannot vorpal with bare hands, a spear, or whip, or any type of missile weapon.
Knock Back 5 self When you hit you can knock a creature struck back 5 feet away from you.
Trip 15 self Knock that guy down. Tripped enemies have a -2 to hit you from the ground.

As combat progresses I realized I needed to have a list of consequences, like if a monster spits acid in your characters eyes and you can not see, then you are considered blind. If you are blind, how does does that affect your combat options. I am calling this your players status.

Status Results Table

You, or the opponents you face, can end up in any of the following situations depending on how combat goes.

Status Name Description
Stunned You get one action. You can move or attack at -2 roll modifier, you can cast spells from wands of staffs but not scrolls.
Blinded You can not see. Roll extra D10 with any attack roll if it comes up even, you hit your intended target.
Slowed You get one action a round. You can move or attack.
Paralyzed You get no actions. You can think and hear and talk.
Bleeding At the beginning of your turn, you take 1 point of body damage. Any heal weave will stop this. Another character, or you can use two actions for three rounds to put pressure on the bleeding point and stop it.
Sleep You are asleep. If you are hit for damage, you wake up. A luck save of 20 allows you to wake on your next turn.
Grappled You are wrestling with another creature. Your armor rating goes down. You can not cast weave spells. You cannot use combat actions.
Confused You can not make a decision. You have a 1 in 6 chance of doing any action that you think you should do. You cans not weave spells.
Dying You only have one round left to live, choose your actions wisely. This may be the time to transfer you life’s essence into any of the special items called magic jars that are on your body or near you before you permanently die.

You are dead in Worst if your body score goes to zero points or your mind score goes to zero points. If you Spirit stat goes to Zero you are paralyzed.

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