Running the Worst RPG in Texas

It’s Thanksgiving and I have my test group together from Wisconsin, Texas, Florida and Kansas. We are trying my latest iteration of the Worst Roleplaying Game. I made a dungeon called Lair of the Forgotten Sword; the name alone, lured them into the dungeon. It is real fun watching the players use the ruleset in unique ways. I don’t have alignments, and allow the players to develop their characters, and run them freely. Even though one player charges for the spells he casts, they all work as a team to explore the dungeon. Still, the hardest part is character creation, but it is still easier than other more popular game systems. The play testers were surprised by how quickly it was to go from rolling dice to adventuring in the dungeon. In Worst, we give out rewards as you play which help the pace of the game. After 3hours, they are now breaking to choose access to new spells and dumping gained power into their character stats to help improve their character’s ability to attack or improve their luck, again, only taking minutes to complete. We had two character deaths so far that slowed game play only enough for folks to regroup, and get the dead characters revived and push forward.


We are taking a break to eat Turkey before going down into level two. I have less notes to update from this game, so I think I am real close to being done with writing rules for it.



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