Another Draft of the Worst Character Sheet

After my Thanksgiving game in Texas this year, I went back to the drawing board for the character sheet. The players had questions about picking pockets, and opening locks, and defeating traps. They wanted to know what to roll for what? We realized to make the game fast, and simple, I still needed a Luck Save for everything from avoiding pit traps and fireballs, to talking a guard into looking another way. We felt those had to do with luck. The players needed to sneak past guards and dragons so the sneak roll had to stay as it is. If you were trying to be sneaky, then that is different than being lucky, and the game needed this type of roll. Climbing is the other thing folks tend to do a lot of while exploring the world, be it deep bellow ground, or trying to reach some mountain peak, or the classic action to get into the trees to avoid wolves, the climb check had to stay. I had an Untrap roll, now this roll made sense for removing or defeating traps things, but that just did not fit the game well, I kept getting questions from the players, how do I open a lock? How do I make armor? How do I detect a trap? How do a play a flute? These are all skills that not every character requires, but once in a while, they might want to try. In answer to this dilemma, I made the Skill Roll to replace the Untrap Roll. It works better mechanically. Skill Roll is different than a Luck Roll in the Worst RPG game system, because you have time to work on it. Unlike the Luck Roll, in which, you have little to no time to plan, and generally the roll is made in the spur of the moment. You can take time and plan out your action to create a predictable result then that takes skill in my mind. The skill roll justifies the result as successful or a failed attempt. The cool thing in the game is that if your character has a higher Luck Roll and you want to try do something fast, and it is clearly a skill of some type say, like open a lock, you can declare to use a Luck Roll instead. You could technically open a lock as an action, in a combat round, using a Luck Roll instead of a Skill Roll, getting access into another room that may save the party from utter demise. If a character does try this, she only gets one try at that skill using a Luck Roll. If the attempt fails, they would not be able to try again. I built in only four rolls for the game so the players and Game master work things out together while still maintaining an engaging and social game environment.

This is my new character sheet: Worst Character sheet

It’s still rough around the edges. I am working on an online character generator also. Once I have that working again I’ll post links.

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