No 5 foot Steps for Free

After another round of gaming using my new RPG rules set, for  the Worst RPG game, we locked down some more combat rules. One of the rules is 5 foot steps are not free. Actually, there is only one free action in the game, and it occurs at the instant a monster, trap or other element, causes enough harm to a character to kill her; at that point, they can decide to die, out right, or transfer their live essence to a trinket on, or near their body, to remain, until their body and life essence are reunited. There is also resurrection magic, if  needed, for those moments when bodies are not available any more, like in the case of being disintegrated.

Anyhow, back to 5 foot steps. In Worst characters get three actions in combat which makes them pretty powerful compared to some game systems. You get hit and hurt. on your turn you can move back (one action). You can grab a potion out of your back pack (one action). Drink the potion (One action). Then your round is done. If you are next to an enemy, called being base to base sometimes, if you step one square away, that is One Action. If you moved 20 feet away, it is still one action. Some people worry about attacks of opportunity, in the Worst rules, if you pass through a monster, and it still has actions, it can attack one time, out of turn. If the monster still has actions left when it’s turn in initiate comes up, it can use the remaining actions minus the one used when the character attempted to move through it’s space.

Delaying is not an action. Waiting to see what an enemy does, or for another character to go, is not a combat action and cost nothing. You can wait, and after everyone is gone, you can decide to go last in a round, or after whatever event you were waiting for. Once you take an action, your new place in the combat round is where you acted, not where your initial initiative roll placed you. I built up basic rules for monster actions in this table:

Monster Actions
Slow 1 One action, move or attack
Medium 2 Two actions move and attack
Fast 3 Three actions melee or missile
Boss 3 Possible weave spells
Dragon/Fiend 3 to 6 Toughest monsters may have breath weapons and weave spells
Gods 9 Just because.

Monsters and characters threaten all the spaces within their reach even if they have used up all of their actions for the round. Your character ends up in flank with a zomby that acted (slow monster) and a skeleton swashbuckler (fast monster), the skeleton gets a +2 to attack for the flanking position it has with the slow zombie.

I am still thinking of making talking during combat an action. So far, if the character is too wordy on their round, we put it to a table vote by the players to see if an action gets burned.

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