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I made Worst RPG so you could roll a bunch of dice, and use those rolls to build everything about your character from the armor class to how well you climb. I always liked creating characters by hand, but as role playing games got more involved, and more books were published, creating a character became so labor intensive, that I ended up using character generators, like HeroLab instead. One of my main motivations for creating my own table top roleplaying game, was that I wanted to get back the basics of the first edition Dungeons and Dragons, where you rolled up a character and “jumped in” to exploring the dungeon within minutes of rolling your character generation dice. That was my dream, make it easy and fast, roll a bunch of dice, like rolling a fire ball; it would be something thrilling to do. You would end up with some decent stats that you could tweak, if you wanted, and then you would be off exploring a dungeon. Of course, one of my players didn’t like rolling dice, so he created a web based character generator. He did it for me last year and I made a link to his web page, but then he took it down. We played again over 2017 spring break, and he made changes to his generator, and uploaded it. This time, he said he would keep the generator up for a while. We still have edits that we plan to do, like adding the default equipment list, and generating the starting cash for the character race.

Here is the link to the generator. Thanks George E. for creating it.

The generator page has a link to a blank sheet that is a pdf. You can also choose a race, and auto generate a character with stats filled along with saves.

The character sheet from 2013, when I first started to create my game rules.

alpha version character sheet for the Worst Game

How I was originally thinking the races would be created, number of dice and and how fast characters can move.

Our latest version of the character sheet:

The dwarf was run by my wife in  a game. This last game we found that I  have to find a way to manage “weave energy” or “mana” or spell power on the sheet better. I like to call it weave energy, since the characters are weaving the threads of magical power into the desired spells they plane to cast. We had to make the armor and amor class info easier to manage on the sheet.

I think game design is going ahead smoothly. I am working on monsters and treasures to make the game challenging and also rewarding to the players.

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