Worst Death in Review

In the RPG Worst, your character may die. Death happens when the body score drops to Zero. At that point a player can decide to die for good and start a new character, or transfer the character’s spirit to a container like a mug, or a gold coin, or even, a suit of armor. In beta testing we found death to be a fun transition that added some extra story and entertainment to a battle, or the end of the combat. Comments after a bar fight like: “ok which mug in the bar has the spirit of Shelga the dwarf?” And after the dragon is slain and the party hast to sift through a pile go gold pieces in the dragons horde looking for the halfling’s “coin”.

Death rules are simple, find the vessel, say, a coin or mug, and touch it to the character’s body and cast the appropriate weave spell, there are different ones for each color of weave energy, that will join the body to the characters spirit and bring back life. The character will lose energy permanently from their original starting Weave power. Character with a starting weave of 100 and a race base of 20 will loose 20 points each time the they have to transfer to w vessel and back to their body. That character can “die” 5 times, before death is permanent, and a new character must be rolled up from scratch.

No body? The game is set up for quick resolution of death when there is a body left over. If the body is gone, the character can be resurrected, and starts with all their original rolls and power. Any adjustments to make score better are lost and new energy must be used to get a characters stat back to where they were prior to the incident where they died and the body was lost. This happened in the last game, when a character was disintegrated. If the character had enough energy they could have come back as a suit of armor and continued the dungeon. No character can resurrect a dead player, only a priest can. Players can reincarnate if they have access, but only a priest in a church or temple can resurrect. The game can slow down as players have to stop and go find a temple to bring the body back. The priest has power from their god, from an alter, in their church, that is tuned to the deity via a ritual. The alter must remain inside the church to work.

So dying, does stop the game, in general, but losing your body can complicate things if you want your specific character back.

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