Worst Vampire Ever

Ok we are full in, on our WORST RPG gaming, and testing. In the past games, we had players fight skeletons, goblins and orcs. We even had a slug fest verses some ogres. The game gets interesting as players make choices in combat, and start teaming up as resources get low and players start dropping, becoming frying pans, or beer mugs or knives. We dont call it TPKs here we call it setting the table. The last game we played, I made a dungeon called the Vampire’s Lair. I even told the players the name of this session was The Vampire’s Lair, and they still were surprised when they encountered a vampire as a monster. As for teamwork everyone quickly volunteered one player to go first saying “You go first, you wanted to be a vampire anyway.” Now that’s team work.

This is the first edition rules that we are still beta testing.

The party started in a village that had no silver. In WORST we don’t have knowledge roles, or skills to pick from. To make it simple, we use a luck roll for darn close to everything in play. You want find out why there is no silver in the town? Make a Luck roll; everyone starts with Luck, Sneak and Climb, everything else you learn as you play, if you want. Want to play an instrument? Make a Luck roll. If you make a luck roll under duress on something that may be considered a skill, and you roll a natural 20 then you get a +1 on that skill or if the Game Master (GM) is in good mood you get a boon.

This is table top roleplaying at its best. We are all playing the WORST roleplaying game here.

In the game we played last week, one player was a little young, but had great imagination. He had been trying to be a performer throughout the game, and was not really interested in attacking monsters, instead he kept trying to talk to them which was not working so well he ended up as a knife a couple times. In one melee, he decided to start singing, instead of casting spells, or attacking. I had him make a luck roll, and he rolled a natural 20 during combat. The boon he won was everyone in the party got a +1 on attacks and damage. I called it the “battle song”. For the rest of the time that particular character could sing as a combat action, and if he rolls a 15 or better, everyone in the player’s party will get a +1 to attacks and damage. Singing is a one action deal. The player added Battle Song as a skill in the Skill Focus section of his character sheet. The player then used the luck roll base bonus (+4) and an added +1 bonus because of the natural 20 roll to get a total of +5 to add to w D20 roll for his new skill focus “battle song”.

Players asked how many skill focus skills can you have in the WORST role playing game?. The answer is nine (9). Each time you play and roll a natural 20 with a skill focus you can add a +1 to that Skill focus. This makes the game more fun. The max bonus is +20; I had to max out some number and 20 sounded good, so it is canon now.

As for vampires, the party never tried to figure out more about them, like how to stop them. In WORST, there are no instant knowledge skills, you get them as you play; it’s a live and learn game style. Performing, or Leather Working, or Sailing, you pick them as you go. You don’t have to write down a skill focus if you don’t want to, though you only get 9 to really focus on. You have lots of options, as long as the end result is more team work, and more fun. The party could have started asking around, or researching, or talking to people in town. A luck roll, after any comment that may have lead to something about the story was made, and everyone tried, though, they were all working on other projects like getting armor, or finding  a fence to sell off equipment they found. When it came to finally confronting the vampires, they all had access to spells and weapons and combat actions that could take care of the monster, they just did know it and had to learn on the spot, in the combat. As combat progressed, they started to figure things out. Normal weapons were useless. Conjured weapons of any type worked. Silver weapons did damage, as did any weave spell. The party did find a holy artifact, the Cross of Tandi, that was effective against undead, and as combat moved forward, they found any character could use the item to knock back the vampire, or even destroy it.

We use 3D Dungeon tiles from Master Maze. Maybe not as directed, but to good effect.

So what worked against the Worst Vampire? Silver, anything, could chop the vampire in to a state of inactivity, though it would not be 100% beaten. Wooden stake through the heart; +4 to hit, to attack to a specific target, or a natural 20 on the roll, if the player could not pierce the armor of the monster, does it every time, just like in Buffy the Vampire slayer; instant dust. You could also behead it, which takes 50 points of weave energy per swing with the “vorpal” combat skill. This is something you can try once or twice a round. The party thought about this option but wanted to conserve their energy and loose 50 points a swing was a tough choice to take when you had plans for all that energy later. The artifact worked verses an opposed roll. The player would hold up the artifact and roll a D20 plus the luck modifier. The vampire would roll a luck save, in this case it was D20 +10. If the vampire’s roll was higher it was unaffected. If the player’s roll was higher the vampire was knock back ten feet. If the player’s roll was 5 points higher than the undead monster’s luck roll, the undead was “dusted” just like it was hit in the heart with a wooden stake.

I am almost to the point where I am going to have an actual editor look at my stuff, and get the words right, so I can print some copies of the game for the rest of the world to try. Its only been about 4 years.

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