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This is my list of spells the players use in game. When we create characters, they get to choose a color of weave that they know from start. As they adventure, they learn more, and get more energy, which allows them to access new spell colors, or they can specialize in a color, by burning Mana energy that the player earned in an adventure, to get damage bonuses to spells or healing bonuses. Saves also get harder if you specialize also.

Here is the spell list we are working with:

White Weaves: (2 actions)
Breath of Life (I) 30 Bring spirit back to the body
Heal Wounds (I) 10 1d10 for every 10 points spent
Light Spell (L) 10 20-foot radius
Message (I) 10 10 miles to one person
Smite (C) 10 3d8 touch +0; 20ft +20; 50ft +50
Big Smite (A) 20 5d8 touch +0; 20ft +20; 50ft +50
Cure Disease (I) 10 Touch +0
Sleep (L) 10 One creature touch +0; 20ft +20
Group Sleep (L) 30 2-12 creatures within 60ft
Remove Poison (I) 15 Touch +0; 20ft +20; 40ft +50
Protect Person (C) 10 touch +0; 30ft +20
Protect All (C) 30 30ft of caster
Protective Circle (L) 5 20-foot circle immobile
Force Wall (L) 20 wall 20feet long 10feet high
Force Missile (I) 10 Max Range 120 feet
Force Weapon (C) 15 One weapon for use in battle
Teleport (I) 50 Go to known place; anywhere Ancestral Guard Armor (L) 20 Stays and protects until daylight
Conference (A) 30 only with party
Destroy undead (I) 50 1d6-1 undead are slain.

Blue Weaves: (2 actions)
Make Water (L) 10 makes up to 10gallons
Purify Water (L) 10 10gallons
Breath Water (L) 10 breath under water to Midnight
Ice Bullet (I) 10 2d4 Ice shards 1d4+1 damage
Ice Breath (I) 20 3d6 to all in 20foot line
Ice Weapon (C) 15 One weapon for use in battle
Wall of Ice (L) 20 20ft long 10ft high melts away
Ice Raft (L) 50 20ftx10ft for 6 people a day
Rain of Hail (I) 30 6d4 to all in 30ft radius
Bolt of Lightning (I) 20 100ft range 6d6 straight line
Static Hands (C) 10 Touch 1d6+1 links to metal weapons
Thunder Clap (I) 15 Knocks all down 30ft radius
Water of Life (I) 25 Bring spirit back to the body
Control Wind (L) 15 Within 30ft of caster
Slay Fiend (I) 50 50 points damage to a fiend

Red Weave: (2 actions)
Fire hand (C) 10 2d4 fire no save
Fire ball (I) 30 20ft radius 6d6 damage
Fire wall (C) 20 20feet ling 2d6 damage per round
Fire Weapon (C) 15 A weapon made of fire
Fire Fiend (L) 30 Beast stays within 30ft
Meteor (I) 10 3d10 falls from above
Rain of Fire (I) 30 All within 30 feet take 3d6 damage
Lava (A) 50 5d10 lava on floor for 20ft
Campfire (L) 10 create fire for cooking and signals
Torch (L) 10 20 feet radius of light to midnight
Fire freak (C) 50 Become immune to fire for combat
Spark of Life (I) 25 Bring spirit back to the body
Fire Dart (I) 10 1d4+1 for every 10 mana used

Green Weaves: (2 actions)
Hide Tracks (L) 10 100ftx100ft disappear to midnight
Find Tracks (L) 10 within 100ft
Wood Weapon (C) 10 A weapon made of wood
Summon Axe (C) 20 Axe within 100miles appears for battle
Rot Wood (L) 10 wood rots away 10ftx10ft
Control Wind (L) 15 within 30ft of caster
Call Roots (C) 10 within 30ft of caster grab feet
Call Hedge (L) 15 Appears to help with hedge hop
Clear Path (L) 20 100ftx10 path over land
Know Direction (L) 10 Know North
Beast of Burden (L) 30 within 30ft of caster
Call Wolf (L) 10 within 30ft of caster
Call Bear (L) 20 within 30ft of caster
Call Treeman (L) 30 within 30ft of caster
Use Natures Eyes (L) 20 Search the world using animals
Hedge Hop (I) 50 Use a hedge to travel long distance
Return the Spirit (I) 25 Bring spirit back to the body
Needle (I) 10 100ft 1d4 needles for 1d6+1
Shrink (L) 20 Shrink one size per charge
Summon Tree (L) 20 Sometimes you need a tree
Mudman (L) 20 lasts till midnight fights for you

Black Weaves: (2 actions)
Poison (L) 10 Apply to drink or food or weapon
Skeletal Hand (C) 10 Tries to strangle target
Make Skeleton (L) 10 Attacks for you
Raise Dead (L) 50 Brings back recently dead person
Make Zombie (L) 15 Attacks for you until Midnight
Make Mummy (L) 20 Attacks for you until Midnight
Speak with Dead (A) 10 If the creature has a mouth
Tunnel Weave (C) 20 Pull weave from another by force
Find Treasure (L) 30 hot/cold direction to treasure
Invisibility (L) 30 Become invisible attack
Force summons (I) 50 Force a being to appear before you
Unlucky (I) 20 make person fail it next roll
Weave Bank (L) 50 Force link multiple creatures
Disintegrate (I) 50 50 points of damage save 15

Blood Weaves: (1 action)
Jump (I) 10 Jump 20 feet; falling damage applies
Acrobatics (I) 10 Move over enemy unharmed
Flank (I) 10 Instantly move to a flank with an ally
Shoot Through (I) 10 Your missile shot hits multiple
Swing Through (A) 10 Your melee attack hit all around Slide Through (I) 10 Move under enemy unharmed
Cripple (A) 20 Your attack stops the target from moving
Max Damage (I) 20 Your attack does max damage
Multiply Damage (A) 40 You double all damage
Vorpal (A) 50 You lop of a head on your attack
Knock Back (I) 10 knock opponents back 10 feet
Trip (C) 20 Trip opponent on successful attack

Notes: Weave Specialization, burn energy from your Mana Pool to gain specialization ranks in one weave color.
+0 Zero Rank 0 point
+1 to Damage and Save modifiers to Weaves 250 points
+2 to Damage and Save modifiers to Weaves 500 points
+3 to Damage and Save modifiers to Weaves 750 points
+4 to Damage and Save modifiers to Weaves 1,000 points
+5 to Damage and Save modifiers to Weaves 2,000 points

Notes On Spells:

All long-term spells (L) end at midnight.
All combat spells (C) end at end of a combat sequence or when another spell is cast.
All Action (A) Spells end at end of action round
Instantaneous spells (I) happen immediately after effect is resolved.
Spell fails on 1-5 on D20
Wand in hand decreases spell fail by one (1-4 on D20) Burn 200 Mana to make a wand.
Staff in hand can decrease spell fail by two (1-3 on D20) Burn 500 mana to make a staff.
Wand and staff in hand will reduce spell failure to 1 or 2 on D20

Game On!

The list may change as I am listening to players and making adjustments to make the game as fun as possible.

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