The World of Alidor is a “sandbox” style RPG world developed for home game play. This website offers information for players in the game to help them make informed decisions as they explore Alidor. It is also a blog on Fantasy RPG play with a focus on Pathfinder RPG and 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

How I started…

From 1981 to present, Dungeons & Dragons occupied much of my free time. What is presented on this website is the culmination of ideas from a lifetime of fantasy game play and book reading. The world theme of wandering tortoises with houses and cities on top acting as shelters from marauding dragons developed from a fascination with mythical dragons and terrestrial turtles. When the third edition of the Dungeons & Dragons game was released, I was excited by the new 3.0 rules format, but frustrated because, I had purchased a lot of game material over the years. Faced with the decision to buy all new material to keep up with the changes I decided that it was time to start a new world for my home game, instead of using store bought ones. The Internet helped by allowing me to post info to my players about my game and by helping me research in advance of upcoming games. Had I had access to the Internet back in 1981 I bet my kobold bandits would have attacked the party with swords instead of scabbards, unfortunately I learned the hard way from a table of players laughing hysterically at my scabbard swinging kobolds. These days Google and Wikipedia are a godsend for “story tellers” world wide. Anyway, I digress.

Of Dragons and Turtles

I wanted to create a sparsely populated very wild environment filled with adventure and I wanted dragons to be the primary predator. Then I thought if the dragon is on the top of the food chain then how could humans and others survive? I needed a safe haven, I had read in the past about an Indian legend that “the world is supported by four elephants standing on a giant turtle” so I imagined the giant turtle cities a mile wide and almost a half mile high slowly moving across a vast open plane. Besides being too big for dragons to eat, the tortoises had a natural defense mechanism, and to make a long story short, that defense is that dragons are deathly allergic to the gargantuan turtles. I also developed other places that followed the more traditional “sword and sorcery” genre. For example the nation of Jelling is a place of kings and queens, and elves and dwarves, and of course, wizards and sorcerers; it is on an island where there is only one dragon called Surma. The people of Jelling live their lives freely as long as they pay an annual tax to the dragon. Elsewhere the people of the World of Alidor are either always on the defense from dragon attacks or enslaved or ruled over by the beasts. If that were not enough, I added a civilized cult of orcs to confuse the player characters. These “metrosexual” orcs, as one of my players coined them, had developed psionic capability and their uniqueness tended to confound the players’ at the most inappropriate times throughout many of my campaigns.

I then created a mythology involving the tortoises, the dragons and the orcs.

In the end I still had to buy new books for my home game.

My home game is “player driven” and as the players make choices, I create more content for them to explore. I add the new material to this website constantly.

The World of Alidor is owned and created by Jon Ekman, AKA, Shent Lodge.


Books Used in Alidor