Still Building up Worst


I have been busy making tables of weapons and equipment and armor for my game that I am still calling Worst. I was thinking of publishing with iBooks or maybe just simple paperback format. Any event, … [Read more...]

What do I Want from a Table Top Role Playing Game


I have thought about this a lot lately, I really do enjoy table top RPGs, more specifically, sword and sorcery fantasy games like Pathfinder and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. The first games I played … [Read more...]

Pathfinder Human Ethnicities

pf society four fave classes

A friend sent out a note on human ethnicities for Pathfinder to figure out and flesh out our characters. I tend to play Cheliax or Taldane humans and now I know which is which for role play and … [Read more...]

Another Fun Roll 20 Game

d20 bard ghoul song

I like this technology, Roll 20 has it right for us gamers that have to travel for a living, or have gaming friends that at one time all gathered and gamed around the table, but now years later, have … [Read more...]

Playing Online with Roll 20 is Actually Just Like Gaming Around a Table


I was interested in roll 20 as an option for gaming, but never tried it until this past week. I found gaming this way almost as much fun as going and meeting at a house and gaming around a kitchen … [Read more...]

Long Weekend Coming Up, Time to Catch up on Worst

magic jar jars

This Memorial Day weekend I plan to run another play test of Worst. The players like many aspects of the game so far, like, the fast and easy character generation and also how the rules handle player … [Read more...]