Spring Gaming in Cocoa Beach Florida – April 26th

A friend sent me note that there is a convention taking place in Cocoa Beach, Florida, April 26th through the 29th. There will be Pathfinder there and even 4e games.  A bunch of other miniatures games … [Read more...]

Florida is full of cons

Wow, I can not keep up. There are gaming conventions this month in Tampa, FL and next month in Jacksonville, FL. What I know so far is that it is too late to pre-register for the con in Tampa called … [Read more...]

4e one more time

Just as a sanity check, I tried 4e one more time. My neighbor plays 4e and he said I should try it with his group, just to see how it is played as a home game. Before his invitation, all my actual … [Read more...]

30 years of books

I stacked all my dungeons and dragons books that I could find on my game table. I am one of those one genre gamers. I like fantasy role-playing games, and until this year that meant only one system, … [Read more...]

My root canal was more fun than my 4e game this week

I tried it again. Dumb me. I thought after a couple months off I would give LFR a go again. Big mistake. I drove two hours to hit a two game RPGA session at a hobby store. It was -8 degrees outside, … [Read more...]

4e Holiday Crack That Saves You Money

The holidays are here and maybe you want to try the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, but the books too expensive. Do not let the price of this popular fantasy role-playing game get you down. … [Read more...]