A Riddle for those seeking Pagdush Firethrower

I am so simple, That I can only point Yet I guide men All over the world What am I? In Alidor magical maps exist that adventurers can use to find places in the world like ancient ruins and … [Read more...]

How to train your dragon to be a lethal weapon

I have been looking at the spells in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, and I noticed that a couple of them really work well with my game world of Alidor. In Alidor, dragons are top dog, and tortoises … [Read more...]

The Dragon Surma as a God

Surma is the first dragon of Alidor, known to few as the mount of Alidor. It was the first dragon to antagonize players in my game. Over the years, many have lead campaigns to kill the great beast, … [Read more...]

Typical Brunari Burial Vault

In Alidor different cultures deal with the dead in different ways. In Jelling the dead are burned in funeral pyres this came out of necessity to protect the populations from disease and from a common … [Read more...]

The Town of Yatton

For many years, the first major obstacle on the River Surma for armies traveling up to attack the dragon, was the waterfall at Yatton. Initially a portage point for boatloads of troops, wishing to … [Read more...]

The City of Bryce

Established in the 1st century; it was for nearly 1,200 years the capital city of the Brunari Empire, built under the guidance of Surma, and the Daughters of Darandel. Today, only statues and symbols … [Read more...]