Pathfinder Human Ethnicities

A friend sent out a note on human ethnicities for Pathfinder to figure out and flesh out our characters. I tend to play Cheliax or Taldane humans and now I know which is which for role play and … [Read more...]

The Goddess Taandi

Taandi Goddess of Weather, Sky, Seasons & Birds. Sometimes called the Storm Goddess. She appears most often as a Taandi bird, which is a migratory crane found throughout Alidor, and sometimes as a … [Read more...]

Merchants of Alidor

This is the ring that the merchants of the City of Alidor wear. It is a simple metal ring engraved with the images of the eight statues that hold the great city aloft. Only members of the Alidor … [Read more...]

The City of Alidor

Ruled by the Dragon Magnussian Grey Scales Alidor consists of 8 districts ruled over by Magnussian Grey Scales. A dragon so old she no longer has any color left in her scales. The Dragon maintains … [Read more...]

Night Sky Over City of Alidor

Here is an image of the night sky over the city of Alidor. … [Read more...]

Laws for City of Alidor

I added laws for the City of Alidor. These laws cover crimes above ground and in the sewers. Alidor's under city is a vast lawless dungeon which will be covered at a later date. Table 1: Legal … [Read more...]