Spells for Worst

This is my list of spells the players use in game. When we create characters, they get to choose a color of weave that they know from start. As they adventure, they learn more, and get more energy, … [Read more...]

Worst as a Long Term Game and Pinhead Characters

What I thought originally was that Worst RPG would be a great one shot game, something to play quick between campaigns from other systems, or at a gaming convention after a TPK. With that in mind, the … [Read more...]

Worst Vampire Ever

Ok we are full in, on our WORST RPG gaming, and testing. In the past games, we had players fight skeletons, goblins and orcs. We even had a slug fest verses some ogres. The game gets interesting as … [Read more...]

Worst Death in Review

In the RPG Worst, your character may die. Death happens when the body score drops to Zero. At that point a player can decide to die for good and start a new character, or transfer the character's … [Read more...]

No More Half Breeds

I am continuing game testing with my group. We had a couple people try the half breed race, and well, the min-maxer in both players came out. Big time. Halfling/elf, and halfling/wizard seemed to be … [Read more...]

Did My Worst Today

We are working on smoothing game play, and the character sheet, and spells, and cleaning up how the game runs in the real world. Yup that sounds like a lot, and it is. We are having fun making this … [Read more...]