Making Monsters for Worst


I have created a great little fast play RPG game system called Worst. I made up character and race rules and built up tables for weapons, armor and gear, next is monsters. I am using three stats for … [Read more...]

Still Building up Worst


I have been busy making tables of weapons and equipment and armor for my game that I am still calling Worst. I was thinking of publishing with iBooks or maybe just simple paperback format. Any event, … [Read more...]

Long Weekend Coming Up, Time to Catch up on Worst

magic jar jars

This Memorial Day weekend I plan to run another play test of Worst. The players like many aspects of the game so far, like, the fast and easy character generation and also how the rules handle player … [Read more...]

Worst Works Through Another Beta Game

a dragon in worst

Well, I tried my game I called Worst again on a new gang of players with good success. Everyone likes that the character creation is fast. I changed the coin to be based more on silver pieces rather … [Read more...]

Worst Time Making Changes


I test ran Worst, the role playing game I am working on, and my players had a blast except for the character generation, which took too long. I am in the process of reworking the game so it can be … [Read more...]

Running My Worst Alpha Test Game Today

alpha version character sheet for the Worst Game

I have enough of the basics done to try the game I am creating, called Worst, out on my players for the first time. I quick jotted out notes on all the races and spells. I made a character sheet and … [Read more...]