Worst Works Through Another Beta Game

a dragon in worst

Well, I tried my game I called Worst again on a new gang of players with good success. Everyone likes that the character creation is fast. I changed the coin to be based more on silver pieces rather … [Read more...]

Worst Time Making Changes


I test ran Worst, the role playing game I am working on, and my players had a blast except for the character generation, which took too long. I am in the process of reworking the game so it can be … [Read more...]

Running My Worst Alpha Test Game Today

alpha version character sheet for the Worst Game

I have enough of the basics done to try the game I am creating, called Worst, out on my players for the first time. I quick jotted out notes on all the races and spells. I made a character sheet and … [Read more...]

Been Doing My Worst

Worst RPG

I am still working on my game, I am calling Worst. I have simple character sheets built and the basics for the races done for this game. I even started on spells and combat actions. Since Worst will … [Read more...]

Week 2 of Worst RPG Design

worst abilities raw

I am starting week two of my home made RPG I call Worst RPG. I did't get as far as I thought, mainly, because I did not figure in the difficulty factor for making you own game. I just blurted out I'm … [Read more...]

Worst My First Try at Game Design

Worst RPG

I am out sick for a month after a near death experience, and I thought to myself, I always wanted to make my own role playing game and since I am nearly dead, why not try now. I am calling it Worst … [Read more...]