We Be Goblins Too Out for Free RPG Day on June 15

Hey I am a bit biased here, because I just completed running a bunch of We Be Goblins sessions this spring at Megacon 2013, and now, next weekend, on Free RPG Day, you can go to your local game store, … [Read more...]

Fun Way to Run We Be Goblins for New Players and Old

I ran We Be Goblins at Megacon 2013. I think I ran it four times and each table seemed to enjoy the dungeon. I have been running dungeons for so long that I wanted to ensure people had fun with this … [Read more...]

Judging and Player Death on the First Day of a Con

I ran 4 games at Megacon 2013 for the Florida Pathfinder Society. I had a blast and hardly killed any players. On opening night, one guy, a wizardly type nearly died, I should point out here that in … [Read more...]

Megacon 2013 Starts for Us Gamers Today

Megacon 2013 in Orlando starts today for us roleplaying folks. Officially it starts tomorrow March 15th, but the game room opens today. I will be running the Pathfinder Society game, The Blakros … [Read more...]

Running We Be Goblins at Megacon 2013

I volunteered to run the quick and fun We be Goblins Pathfinder module at Megacon 2013 this year. People who play the Pathfinder Role Playing Game know this mod as a fun one to play, because the … [Read more...]

Pathfinders of Florida

I have delayed writing about this, but here in Florida, we got organized for Pathfinder Society play. There is now a website with forums to help people meet up and talk about PFS game play for folks … [Read more...]