End of the Year Thank You from Paizo

I just received an end of the year email thank you from Paizo for buying some products from them. Very cool. I will use the coupon. I did find it funny while reading the fine print at the bottom of … [Read more...]

New Game Stuff Coming Out

I keep getting emails about new stuff in the gaming world. If any of this sounds interesting, then go to your local game store and get some. Or, buy from Amazon (biased). Actually, It is way cool … [Read more...]

4e Power Cards

Here is the list of official 4e power cards. I posted this on the store side of the my web site also. 4e Power Cards … [Read more...]

Some cool stuff about 4th edition coming out.

I have been reading the core books and telling players that don't like the character sheet format, because half the stuff you need for combat is on the back of the character sheet, to make index cards … [Read more...]

Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook Gift Set, 4th Edition

Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook Gift Set, 4th Edition Amazon.com has a great combo deal on all the core 4th edition books. Somehow back in February, I missed this one. Drat! Also … [Read more...]

Oblivion Mods I am Using

Here is a screenshot of the Oblivion Mod list I am using. My friends gave me huge list to try, but I found these to be stable and fun. One small note when I quit the game I get a windows error message … [Read more...]