Ogres of Nordoon and Mt. Revenge

I have been running some quickie dungeons which have actually taken longer to play out than I expected. The kobolds and goblins of the Cave Bandits game gave a good run for their money (free) against … [Read more...]

Cave Bandits a level 1 dungeon

This is a quick dungeon I jotted together tonight. It revolves around to sets of monsters, kobolds and goblins, who found a cool hideout up in the hills near a remote settlement. It is a three room … [Read more...]

Hanging out by the tomb tree can be dangerous

Tomb trees in Alidor are usually innocuous things usually found in graveyards and sacred places keeping the dead in their place, an important duty in Jelling where the dead don't stay still for long. … [Read more...]

Updated another town in Jelling

Slowly, I update Alidor to fit better with the Pathfinder RPG game. Here is Brendon Mill a village in Jelling that has been the starting point for a couple home brew adventures. Now it is just a … [Read more...]

A Riddle for those seeking Pagdush Firethrower

I am so simple, That I can only point Yet I guide men All over the world What am I? In Alidor magical maps exist that adventurers can use to find places in the world like ancient ruins and … [Read more...]

Northpoint Map nearly done

Yup I am nearly done with my Northpoint map. I put in a couple buildings and the King's keep in. I made an overlay which interestingly has caves under the cities arena. I honestly didn't plan that, … [Read more...]