The Female Cleric of Sarel

Here is an image of the other female player in my home game. The 6th level cleric of Sarel, Sister Ana Bosbert. On retirement Ana went to Jerren to tour the tortoise cities as a healer and envoy of … [Read more...]

Tortoise Village of Tudd

This slow moving city transits between the Plains of Jerren and the Valley of the Gods picking up pilgrims on occasion. Ruled by King Rupert Yelloweyes. Stats: Town Size Large City Population … [Read more...]

Melbrindar Keep

This keep is the last stop for many a pilgrim before heading out across the Valley of the Gods in search of the City of Alidor. It is the home of the Melbrindar elves and one of the few places where … [Read more...]

The City of Elwonna

  The tortoise named Elwonna transits between the Plains of Jerren, and the Valley of the Gods, most of the locals are stocky red headed folk known for their wrestling skills. The Tournament of … [Read more...]

Laws of Melbrindar Keep

Melbrindar Keep is the last “civilized” outpost on the pilgrim trail before heading out across the Valley of the Gods. It is actually a military compound with some of the strictest laws in all of … [Read more...]

Elevation Added to Tortoise City Maps

The large cities are about 3000 feet high. Shells edge is at about 1000 feet above ground, elevation lines from there go up 300 feet at a time. The medium cities are about 1500 feet high. Shells … [Read more...]