An Inspiring Image for Dwarven Warships

I am still working on my Northpoint map and on the town's history in preparation for play. I mentioned that the Black Diamond dwarves rent dock space in Northpoint's sea cave for three iron clad … [Read more...]

Mt Laudin Dwarves

Here are some symbols from the Dwarves of Mt. Laudin. There are basically four groups of dwarves that can be found on or around Mt. Laudin. At one time they lived happily inside their great … [Read more...]

One Ton Orc – Player Created Content

The best part about RPGs is when the players in your game start to get involved and add content. My home game world is really a mishmash of stuff I dreamed up and whatever my players threw into the … [Read more...]

Cool Haunted House

I am writing and running a dungeon for a local con this weekend. It will be run in the Saturday evening time slot, so I thought it should be a haunted house style game. Fortunately, a couple years … [Read more...]

The Goddess Taandi

Taandi Goddess of Weather, Sky, Seasons & Birds. Sometimes called the Storm Goddess. She appears most often as a Taandi bird, which is a migratory crane found throughout Alidor, and sometimes as a … [Read more...]

Half Elf Wizard

Another player from my first run at 4e decided to retire his character, a 7th level half-elvin wizard named Golel Kingleaf, in the floating city of Glenfiddich which floats between the foothills of … [Read more...]