Riddle: for days when time is short.

This is an interesting riddle, mainly because I have been thinking a lot about intellect devourers lately. I am planing a fun plot twist for my Hill House dungeon and the ogres there. What if one of … [Read more...]

A Riddle for those seeking Pagdush Firethrower

I am so simple, That I can only point Yet I guide men All over the world What am I? In Alidor magical maps exist that adventurers can use to find places in the world like ancient ruins and … [Read more...]

Sunday’s Riddle

I cut through evil like a double edged sword, And Chaos flees at my approach. Balance I single-handedly upraise, Through battles fought with heart and mind, Instead of with my gaze. What am … [Read more...]

Another Riddle

In the day or in the night all people have seen this sight, On the ocean or on the plain most people have seen the same, On this world and on no other has been shown to me by my … [Read more...]

Riddle from Duftown

What can you put in a barrel to make it lighter? Answer: A Hole In Duftown people would say a tap like in tapping a barrel of beer which happens a lot in Duftown … [Read more...]

A Riddle

I can kill people but without me there would be no people. I was born long ago and will someday die. I can cause fire and am a magician with water. I have more brothers than any person. There is … [Read more...]