Running Worst Again for Thanksgiving

My extended family has all been gathered together for about a week now for what they thought was a thanksgiving vacation at the beach, little did they know I had other plans. Yup my family, as my … [Read more...]

Goblin Lazy or Not More Monsters for Worst

I did a lot of traveling last month, for some of it, I had my family with me, in the car for several hours... I had to come up with a way to keep my son busy so he would stop asking "Are we there … [Read more...]

Worst Artwork

I've commissioned my 11 year old son to draw pictures for my game system, here are a couple drawings he did in iBooks. I did not realized it came with a graphic program. Right now, he is really into … [Read more...]

Getting Closer to Publishing a Game

I did another beta run of Worst in June with great success. I hope to have everything into one rule book by the end of summer. Kinda bummed that I will miss GenCon with it but that's OK, maybe next … [Read more...]

Yet Another Beta

Going to give my game one more try. I do have a character generator kind of built and may make it available in the near future. I think after this beta test I may be ready to actually print an … [Read more...]

Cool Pathfinder Comic

I was just emailed this so I bounced it up to my Blog here. Erik Mono Publisher at Paizo Inc. said there is a new Pathfinder comic out. It looks to be cool. The comic series is called Pathfinder … [Read more...]