Playing Online with Roll 20 is Actually Just Like Gaming Around a Table


I was interested in roll 20 as an option for gaming, but never tried it until this past week. I found gaming this way almost as much fun as going and meeting at a house and gaming around a kitchen … [Read more...]

Pathfinder Tips for Convention Play

Lego Alchemist mini

I started playing at small conventions again here in Florida. Well ok one small one in Tampa, and then Megacon, which is not small in Orlando. Next weekend I will play in Orlando at RECON. When you … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: BAGATELLE


Bagatelle is a homophone as it has more than one meaning. It can refer to an insignificant thing or trifle. It also can refer to a game of billiards or similar game, and lastly it can mean a short … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: PRECIOUS


My Precious!! I think Precious is a great word for Valentine's Day! A friends' son was asked to write on why "Love is the most important thing". He wrote, that Love is not the most important … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: ABATTOIR


I used to work in a research lab that studied cell motility. My Professor noticed that the sperm cells of Ascaris suum use a different protein. Ascaris is a parasitic worm that lives in the … [Read more...]

Word of the Week: BADINAGE


WOOT! Woot! I think I have a new record! 3 weeks in a row!!! Some of you may have noticed that my "Word of the Week", was more like the "word of 'Whenever'". My New Years resolution is to keep my … [Read more...]