Cool Pathfinder Comic


I was just emailed this so I bounced it up to my Blog here. Erik Mono Publisher at Paizo Inc. said there is a new Pathfinder comic out. It looks to be cool. The comic series is called Pathfinder … [Read more...]

I am Dead at What?


I was playing pathfinder society game earlier this fall, and there were a few character deaths in the game. Generally, character death is unquestioned, the PC hits that magic number of negative … [Read more...]

What do I Want from a Table Top Role Playing Game


I have thought about this a lot lately, I really do enjoy table top RPGs, more specifically, sword and sorcery fantasy games like Pathfinder and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. The first games I played … [Read more...]

Pathfinder Human Ethnicities

pf society four fave classes

A friend sent out a note on human ethnicities for Pathfinder to figure out and flesh out our characters. I tend to play Cheliax or Taldane humans and now I know which is which for role play and … [Read more...]

Another Fun Roll 20 Game

d20 bard ghoul song

I like this technology, Roll 20 has it right for us gamers that have to travel for a living, or have gaming friends that at one time all gathered and gamed around the table, but now years later, have … [Read more...]

Playing Online with Roll 20 is Actually Just Like Gaming Around a Table


I was interested in roll 20 as an option for gaming, but never tried it until this past week. I found gaming this way almost as much fun as going and meeting at a house and gaming around a kitchen … [Read more...]