Made a Graphic for Word of the Week

Just made a quick graphic inspired by the movie Sucker Punch. It's for my wife so she can write her words and get 'em done without messing around for a graphic. I am going to try to do more original … [Read more...]

My Website Went NASCAR Today

The wife kinda urged me to try Google Adsense on Alidor, since it is my primary job to make the wife happy, I obliged. I will try to tweak it to be well balanced and I apologize if it it appears … [Read more...]

Just Completed Updates to My Theme

I found a real cool theme: Indy Premium 1.0 by Techblissonline Dot Com Indy Premium is a professional and clean looking mag theme. Developed by Techblissonline.Com WP labs. But it broke when all … [Read more...]

Garr! IE 8 breaks my template

OK there were some issues with my template that I should of fixed, but kept putting off. Well I decided to switch back to my old basic template today until I can tweak the one I want to use so IE 8 … [Read more...]

I am on a new web host!

My old host lost two months of my posts back to 9/22/2008. Luckily I had back-ups. I am on Bluehost now. Note if your host is miserable don't blog about it, because they don't seem to want to help you … [Read more...]

My Webhost is Having Database Server Issues

My webhost has been having server problems since the beginning of the month. It is really making it hard to blog. If anyone out there knows of a good pay-fer Wordpress supported webhost company that … [Read more...]