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Dead orcs tell no tales…
The world of Alidor was built for fanatasy play. Information in this area of our website will help players to create their characters for the game.

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Game information for the World of Alidor
Campaigns in the World of Alidor are player driven. The GM provides the basic environment and a few lead off plots that players can choose to follow. At any point subplots may be discovered or players may choose their own path or plot line. Adventures can take place in urban, rural and planar environments both above ground and below ground.

All players start at 1st level. Once characters are above 3rd level, retirement can occur. New players coming into the middle of a campaign start at two levels below party average level.

Magic items at 1st level are limited to potions, scrolls and wands and may be purchased with startup money prior to the game. Mundane items may be purchased prior to the game as can animal companions and familiars.