Races of Alidor

Who is native to Alidor?
The races of Alidor are a mixed bunch. As more books come out, those races may be added, but they will be less common to rare in occurrence in the game.

How did the races arrive?
Outside the gigantic tortoises, there are no known native races to Alidor. It is clear to any traveler that the ruins found along trade routes were the work of some ancient advanced people. None of these people are known to exist today. Though if you question an orc prior to putting it out of it’s misery, It would have something more to say on the origins of the ruins. Orcs claim to be ancestors of the people that once ruled all of Alidor. Most known sites of the ancients have been luted to the point that no discernible evidence remains to support the orcs claims. Even the oldest sentient beings known to exist and maintain cultural histories, like the dragons, the eladrin and the elves, do not know, remember or wish to discuss the ancient history of the world.

Some dragons claim to have been lead here by Surma. They say, when they arrived they found great cities void of all their inhabitants, but still full of all the worldly goods dragons enjoy most, just laying there for the taking. To the dragons Alidor was initially utopia, all the gold and treasures they could ever imagine, and no one to hassle them about it. Of corse, once the pickings became slim, war among the dragons broke out which eventually destroyed the most of the permanent settlements of the ancients save one… The city called Alidor.

Dwarves, humans and orcs where brought here as slaves for the dragons. eladrin appeared in the forests, some were called into existence by the tortoises, and others by the dragons of old. Tieflings wandered down from the Poisonmont Highlands and grabbed land and territory for themselves, though they eventually lost their holdings and moved into the larger settlements. It was not long after these races arrived that some dragon thought to bring in halflings to help search for treasures among the ruined cities. And yes, there are rumors that speak of a lost group of halflings that were lead into the interior of Jerren by a particularly  greedy dragon, to search for an artifact near a lake of eternal ice. Folk say things went bad for the halflings after the dragon abandoned them, and they turned feral and cannibalistic. This rumor has never been proven, but still pilgrims are cautioned about the halfling cannibals of Jerren, and told not to leave the trails on their way to the Valley of the Gods.