Safety in Numbers
In a world, like Alidor, which is full of fantastical beasts like giants and dragons, how do common people like the elves, humans and halflings survive? In this game world, the races have three choices:

    1. Congregate in defensible places, or structures.
    2. Find areas that predators avoid like the gargantuan tortoises of Jerren.
    3. Keep on the move, always one step ahead of the beast that wants to eat you.

Brick and Mortar
Great walled cities to tiny hamlets, all built on solid ground, the traditional way. People live together like this in areas claimed by dragons or other powerful beings.

Gigantic tortoises some, almost a half mile in diameter, and several thousand feet high are home to up to 30,000 people. Dragons can’t stand tortoises, neither can anyone with even a inkling of dragon blood running through their veins.

These are groups of nomadic hunter gatherers that eek out a living by staying one step ahead of the monstrous predators that hunt them. They are always on the move, or ready to be on the move with little to no notice.

About Settlement Stats:

Town Size –How big the town is.
Population –How many people total in town, about half are adult or older.
Gold piece limit –Maximum price you can sell an item for, or buy an item.
Ready cash –If you capture the town this is how much money you get; it also represents the maximum reward a town can afford.
Power Center(s)
  — Who is in charge in the town, can also set the flavor of the town environment.
Community Authority –Who speaks for the town.
Guards/Soldiers –The people who are paid to defend the settlement
Militia –The people coerced into defending the settlement; sometimes volunteers, sometimes not.