alidor tortoise

Wandering Settlements
Gigantic tortoises some, almost a half mile in diameter and several thousand feet high are home to up to 30,000 people. Dragons can’t stand tortoises, neither can sorcerers, or any one with even a inkling of dragon blood running through their veins.

The tortoises of Alidor wander primarily on the continent called Jerren, though the remains of these great beasts have been found throughout the world. Great lumbering hills with houses and keeps built on their shells. Some are small towns and some are great cities. All who live on the tortoises have become accustomed to its movements and behaviors. Of all these residents the scutes eladrin are most in touch with the creatures. Many scutes become empaths and live their entire lives linked to the conscience of their host.

The disadvantage of living on top of a turtle shell is movement. On many of these settlements a bell rings prior to a step giving its residents time to set themselves for the shock of the footfall. Bell ringers are revered by their communities; many have passed on their skills of predicting the tortoises movement from one generation to the next. The other disadvantage is that the cities wander and there is no control of where a city might go. Some empaths have learned to guide the great beasts with subtle emotive suggestions though successes on these attempts are random at best. The worst part about living on a tortoise happens about every 300 years when a female city goes into heat.

Dragon Bane
The alidor tortoise emits a volatile pheromone that is physiologically incompatible with the blood of dragons. The pheromones do two things; they impede oxygen carrying capacity of dragon blood and also starts to eat away at the creature’s internal bone structure. Dragons that approach too close to a tortoise become ill from lack of oxygen in their blood and die within minutes unless they quickly move out of range. Mixed blood dragons are affected similarly but the onset time is longer depending on how pure the heritage of the being is. Sorcerers tend to suffer headaches and general weakness after a day of exposure by two days they are incapacitated. Half dragons on the other hand are incapacitated within an hour and a puddle of mush within a day. There are roots that sorcerers can chew to put off the effect for up to a week, but eventually they succumb to the illness.

The average movement of a city is about ten miles an hour. Most activity happens at night. The longest time a city stayed in motion was two days. The longest time one stayed still was 8 months. On the plains a tortoise city the size of Elwonna can be seen some sixty miles out just over the horizon. If she is on the move, she could easliy make that distance in 6 hours and walke right over you.

Items Specific to Tortoises

Magic Items

The tortoise city Ingersol resting

Wandering Settlements

Alice Tortoise village
Wanders the old brunari lands. One of the few tortoises that has no scute companion.

Argotan Tortoise village
Feared throughout the Plains of Jerren as being a home to brigands. Seldom do good things happen where Argotan appears on the horizon.

Cork Tortoise city
Known for it’s College for Bardic knowledge. The city disapeared 5 years ago. Refugees said that orcs attacked them and “stole the city.”

Darra Tortoise thorp
Home to the Druids of Darra, makers of elixirs that protect those with draconic ancestry from the toxic effects of tortoise pheromones.

Elwonna Tortoise city
Transits between the Plains of Jerren and the Valley of the Gods, most of the locals are stocky red headed folk known for their wrestling skills. The Tournament of Bent Arms happens every year usually a week after the tortoise settles down for the winter. Ruled by King Erik the Just.

Ingersol Tortoise city
Many millennia ago Ingersol slid down into a great valley between two mountains (MT. Laudin & MT. Jerdin) and was unable to get out. The city wanders the valley now known as the Vale of Ingersol.

Lagdil  Tortoise Thorp
A small tortoise that wanders the old Brunary lands called Lagdil, is home to a small group of warriors. 

Morgan Tortoise city
Ruled by dwarves. Morgan works the Plains of Jerren, strip-mining for coal and other mineral resources for the dwarves.

Tudd Tortoise city
This slow moving city transits between the Plains of Jerren and the Valley of the Gods picking up pilgrims on occasion. Ruled by King Rupert Yelloweyes.

Map Templates

If you want to build your own tortoise city here are the basic three templates. (left to right Small, Medium and Large) Info on elevation can be found here…